Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bruster's Ice Cream!!

I entered into a giveaway not long ago on Bruster's facebook page found here. It was a contest to win a free ice cream cake. YUMMMM! Okay so the contest was that I had to tell my favorite Bruster's story. Well I have quite a few because, come on, who doesn't have fun when they go get ice cream? :) Well in this blog post I am supposed to also tell my favorite story. I have two.

My husband is in the Army, as many of you are aware. We have made so many great friends along this journey. My friend Cindy lived next door to us at our old house. Her husband was deployed so we tried to keep busy doing stuff together so she wouldn't feel so lonely and because I just enjoyed her company so much. One of her favorite things to eat in the whole world is a Nathan's hot dog. So she ventured out to Bruster's to meet us for dinner with her three kids. It was such a nice time and a memory I will take with me the rest of my life. She moved a couple months later and I miss her terribly!! But I have come to love the Nathan's chili cheese dog almost as much as her. :) Mmmmmm. I like going for the hot dogs and the kids like the free ice cream! Who am I kidding, I love the ice cream too!!

Okay my second GREAT memory was with Lauren, my 2 year old. She fell into the couch and busted her lip WIDE open and we had to go to the ER. Well, it was around 10 am so in between meals. If you know anything about the military health care you know that you wait forever. Well, we missed lunch and I didn't have anything I could give to her because her lip was hanging open. Poor little baby. The only thing I could think of that she would be able to eat was ice cream. So I told her we would go get Bruster's ice cream and that would be her lunch that day. She was soooooooo excited that she was very well behaved and patient and only complained a couple times. When we were finished at the hospital, she didn't let me forget what I promised. We picked up the rest of the family and headed off to Bruster's. She was fine and didn't even need stitches. We ordered some "real" (yummy cheese fries!!) food too with the ice cream but she did have ice cream first.

I guess I do have another great story about Bruster's. When I did the Facebook giveaway they sent me a coupon for a free ice cream cake. We used it for Micah's birthday party and it was DELISH!!! It has this delectable whip cream frosting and the thing that surprised me about their ice cream cake is that it is ACTUAL cake on the bottom and ice cream on the top. It was sooooooooooo good. The adults had that cake and the kids got cupcakes. :) I would have to say that was my very favorite thing EVER at Bruster's.

They do quite a few giveaways and such so keep an eye out on their blog for them here. Thanks for reading!! Now go get yourself an icy treat! :)

Disclosure-I was compensated for this blog post with a gift card to Bruster's. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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