Monday, June 8, 2009

Are we done???

Well, as you may know by now...we are having a baby BOY!!! We have decided on a name (for now). I say for now because it could very well change before he gets here. The name we have picked is Micah Joseph. I was in some serious SHOCK when the ultrasound lady told us we are expecting a little boy. I thought for sure this one would be another girl. NOW, the big question is....Are we done? Are we done having babies after this little guy gets here? I feel a little sad about it. But I think I might be done. I always wanted to have four kids. But we didn't think God was going to give us one. Now we are blessed with THREE! Two girls and a it time to quit? I feel now a week after the ultrasound that my family is complete. Everyone kept asking "Are you hoping for a boy?" and "Are you done after this one, if it is a boy?". I really want to get rid of stuff. I have been holding on to every stitch of clothing my girls have ever worn just in case we had another girl one day. Should I just get rid of it all and if someday we decide we want to go one more round, buy new stuff? The cheap, cheap, CHEAP part of me says "save it! What if!". The practical side of me is saying "Sell it and buy some blue stuff." What should I do?? There is a church yard sale coming up on July 18th. I need to decide before then.