Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One eskimO Review

I was sent a cd to review the other day from the One2One Network. It is the new One eskimO cd. I really enjoyed it. It is very mellow. It kind of reminded me a little of Counting Crows or Joseph Arthur. I think my favorite song was called Amazing. You can check it out here.

All in all I thought this was a great listen. They started their tour May 14th. Check it out and see when they are coming to your city here!

Again thanks to One2One Network and One eskimO for sending me the cd to review!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zippity Doo Giveaway!! One lucky winner!

I received a set of Zippity Doo's product line today from Zippity Doo and MomSelect to try on my kids. The idea of this product is that it will help to prevent headlice. I really like the smell of all of the items except the shampoo. But it was expected because it uses tea tree oil and it has a very strong smell.

One lucky reader of mine will win the four piece set of shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and sheild spray from MomSelect and Zippity Doo. Just post a comment and a winner will be selected May 23rd. The winner will be announced on my blog so be sure to check back. If 48 passes I will have to select a new winner. Thanks for looking!

Bra Giveaway!!

Do slipping straps, riding up backs, or not enough support have you ready to write a Dear John letter to your old bras? Apply for a Bra Makeover from Playtex! Seven out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra, which can result in an ill fit for the rest of their outfit, back and shoulder pain, as well as bruising and digging.

We know that busy moms don't always have time to update their bras or even check to make sure they are wearing the correct size. That's why we wanted to let you know about this contest from Playtex! Playtex recently launched, a site where women can go to apply for a bra makeover or nominate a friend. If chosen, the winner will be flown to New York to receive a Bra Makeover with style expert Alison Deyette. Deyette is a fashion and trend lifestyle expert who has been featured on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and TLC's Ten Years Younger, as well as in print publications including Good Housekeeping, The Washington Post, and O Magazine. Apply for your chance to win a Playtex Bra Makeover today. The last day to apply is Friday, May 21st, 2010.

The 10 winners selected for a Bra Makeover will also star in their very own webisode wherein a makeover candidate will receive a fitting with Deyette and walk away with the perfect Playtex products. A new webisode will premier on every two weeks

By posting this information, I am entered into a contest to win a free bra from Playtex. I did not receive any compensation for this post and thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sewing stuff

I recently started sewing with much help from my friend Sarrah. She has been oh so patient with me. I have successfully completed four pillowcase dresses and look forward to completing my first pattern project soon. Well, here are my happy girls in their brand new dresses.

Friday, May 7, 2010

On the move now

My baby boy is 6 months old!!! I can't believe it. He is rolling all over. He has three teeth and three more cutting through. He gets cuter every day. :) I started cloth diapers about a month or so ago because of his super sensitive skin. I actually don't mind it much. They look cute on him and they seem comfortable and the best part is no rash! He has his first ear infection and first antibiotic. Sad. :( Even as a little sickie, he is such a little charmer. He is always happy and laughing and smiling. He adores his sisters. I struggled with the crying it out with Lauren and I am struggling again. I am easier on myself with every child though. With Micah I only let him cry a minute just when I lay him down for the night. He still doesn't sleep through the night (probably because I am a sucker for him). He still nurses a couple times in the night. He still doesn't like baby food. I am still trying to give it to him. :) He would rather try my food. I have found I am much more relaxed on that too. Well, I am not giving him anything crazy. But I might sneak him a crumb of bread or something. I love my girls, but there definitly is something very special about having a little son. I am sure Jeremy feels the same about the girls. He is growing so fast. I actually told Jeremy that I want another one now. hahaha We both laughed a little after that. But who knows. Maybe in a couple years......