Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party downtown Augusta

We went to a Halloween bash downtown the other day with the Blanchards. It was fun. There were bounce houses, dance routines, outdoor movie, costume contests. We didn't stay long. We watched the end of the 1/2 marathon that was going on and ate some deep fried chicken fingers!! hahaha! The kids had a lot of fun taking in all the action since they were too little to participate in any of the fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So today I learned that my Grandpa has to go into assisted living. I am so sad for him. I feel bad for my Aunt Berneda too. She is going to be so lonely without him next door to her. ~sigh~ For all the crap my Grandpa has had to go through the last few months...dealing with Grandma's illness, my Grandma dying, his brother Larry has got to be so hard for him. He is totally losing his independence. I know he has to go, but it just sucks. Now, what are they going to do about the house? That house is the only stable home I have ever known. I know it is just a house.....but it means so much more to us kids that told secrets there....that broke Grandma's lamp....that played for endless hours in the garage while freezing then sweating to death because of the old propane heater....that worked on wood projects in the basement with Grandpa....that made crafts with Grandma....that felt like it was the only home in the world to them. I wish I was home to visit with him. He was just telling me he wants me to come home the other day. ~tear~ He is more than a grandpa to me. He raised me along with Grandma and my mom. It is so hard to imagine such a strong man growing old and sick and totally dependent on others. It is a fact of life...people get old and someday they die. But it doesn't make it any easier for the people that love them. I know that one day he will be at peace in our Savior's arms. I just hope that he can keep his chin up until then. He is a social guy, so the other residents' company will probably do him some good. He loves to talk! I will pray that he doesn't get too depressed though. I will try not too as well!! :-) So much stuff has been going on lately. So many changes. Such happy times and such terribly sad times. I just can't believe that my Grandpa who has always been my so sick that other people have to take care of HIM.

Lord, keep my Grandpa strong as he faces this difficult changes in his life. Amen.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Lauren is a big girl! She can wave!! She waves to herself looking at her hand the whole time when you say "hi baby" or "bye bye". It is adorable! She also got her third tooth in today. I can't believe how fast she is growing. I think of her as a younger baby because she is such a baldy. But she was 8 months old on the 19th!! I am so sad that my family doesn't get to see her grow.

I don't think anyone from Michigan will probably see her until she is 16 months or so. (Unless they come to us) I get so sick of hearing "Why don't you guys just come here?". My husband is an E4 in the Army!! Obviously they have NOOOOOO idea what he makes. :-P If we could go to Michigan...we WOULD! It would be great if we could go back, because I know everyone would like to see the girls. BUT, we did spend a month and a half at home this summer. Come on! It has only been three months. I know I know....WE are the ones that moved away. But, Jeremy enlisting was a very honorable thing to do....and in a time of war. I wish my family would realize that. They think it is so terrible that he "did this" to our family. I tell you the truth...I really enjoy the Army life so far. It's really not that bad. It is kind of nice to be away from "home" in a way. I am getting more involved in our church, our Army friends are like family....we are happy! Yes, I am sad that I can't see my Grandpa that is in the hospital. Yes, I miss him. Yes, I miss ALL of my family. But this was the choice we made for OUR family. You know, we are in Georgia. It isn't another planet. When we lived in Michigan Jeremy asked what I would think of moving to Chicago for a job. I said absolutely not! HAHA. It is like you are in this little bubble and you can't see all of the possibilities outside of that bubble. I was the same way about moving from Michigan. But really people! Michigan has one of the worst economies in the country! Can you blame us really for moving away? Jeremy was unhappy in his job...I was never going to be able to stay home with Leah (and now Lauren) and we changed that. Jeremy is proud of himself and I am so proud of him for what he has accomplished. He is a HERO. He enlisted in a time of war. He didn't go to officer school even though he could have. He enlisted! I think he is pretty awesome. It hurts my feelings when people act like it was less than honorable of him to "do this to our family". You all should be proud of him and honestly THANKFUL for ALL of our servicemen and women. If it weren't for the fact that they all volunteered to do this....your husbands/brothers/sons would have to be forced into it.


Monday, October 13, 2008

My baby is two!!

I can't believe it has been two years since I first held my precious little miracle baby, Leah. I was looking at her pictures the other day and started to remember how long I prayed to have her. I started crying looking at her newborn pictures. When did she get so big? Is this how I will always feel? Like I blinked and she grew up when I wasn't looking? I am enjoying watching her little personality just take off! She is talking more and more. The tantrums are on and off....she is like a ticking bomb. :-) But, I actually love her being this age! She is learning so much all the time. We were reading a book today about shapes. I asked her to find the circle and she pointed it right out. She is also learning her colors. She can pick out yellow, blue, green and purple. The rest are hit or miss. Her favorite color is yellow. She is funny with her friends too. With the bigger kids (2 and 3 year olds) she plays fine. But with the kids that are younger than her....she is terrible! She is terrified they are going to take her stuff. She is pretty good with Lauren. She get jealous of her sometimes. It is especially bad when Jeremy or I am holding Lauren. Leah says "my mama!" or "my daddy!". I have been trying to give her more individual attention in the mornings when Lauren is still asleep. I think it is helping. Jeremy has been taking her to do fun stuff just them too. She loves to color. Today she decided she liked the brown crayon and she colored every page in her Dora coloring book with it. Brown of all colors! She is so funny. Her best friend is Skyler Jr. (I think). He is the one kid that doesn't take any of her crap! Plus he is way cool because he is almost three. She went to his house the other day to play. She was so cute when we picked her up. She just loves him! She gave him hugs and kisses before we left. Leah is so sweet to me. She has her 2 year old "moments" still, but generally she is a good girl. She is always wanting to cuddle with me and "read" me stories and sing me songs. I am so grateful I have been able to stay home with the kids the last ten months. Wow, I can't believe it has been even that long! I am going to start with more "preschool" activities now that she is so big. It has been an awesome two years! I thank God every day for blessing us with that girl! with both girls! They are my miracles!!! Praise God!

Aunt Ashely and Elliette at the birthday party

Leah screaming "PARTY!!"

Dominic, Skyler and Leah giggling and running around

Leah's Commissary Birthday cake

Leah and friends eating cake

The chaos that was my house during the party

Leah at her 2 year checkup. She was 24 pounds and 32 inches tall. She is little but perfectly healthy! She also decided that she LOOOOOOVES going to the doctor's office.

Lauren had her 6 month checkup late with Leah's and she was 15 lb 1 oz and 24 inches long.

Leah eating her birthday lunch and a cupcake

Having birthday dinner at an Italian place in town

Leah's homemade birthday cake on her actual birthday

Eating her cherry chip cake with chocolate frosting and cookies and cream ice cream (she picked it all out at the store)

Playing at Kindergym on her birthday

having cupcakes with her friends at Kindergym

Some of the moms and kids from the Meetup group

Playing with her cool new cellphone Grandma Sachs sent her

Opening her card from Aunt Beth and cousin Amelia

She had Mickey Mouse pancakes with syrup and sprinkles with eggs and sausage for her birthday breakfast...way to get her all sugared up and ready for the day!!

Opening her gift from the Zondervans....YAY!

Another pic from Kindergym on her birthday. She liked "riding" the animals

Monday, October 6, 2008

Professional pictures

Here are some of my favorites that she took. Man, my kids are cute!! :-)