Friday, January 30, 2009

My weight loss challenge

I started with this program a few months ago and really started using it lately. It has really helped me. It is It is like Weight Watchers online but it is a free site.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crying it out

~Sigh~ Well, I am trying to let Lauren cry it out at night now. I guess it is about time to. She is 11 months old and soon won't need my milk anymore. That doesn't mean I am making her stop nursing at a year though. I am going to do extended breastfeeding. There, I said it. So anyone that thinks that is weird can shove it! :-) BUT, I do want her to give up nursing in the middle of the night and using me as a pacifier. She has been waking up three times every night since I can remember, to nurse. Ha! I did everything right with Leah as far as teaching her good sleep habits. She was sleeping through the night at 2 months (6 hours stretch) then again at 5 months for 12 to 14 hour stretches. She has been consistent with that since then. One thing that was totally different this time was the sleeping arrangements. Leah was in her own crib in her own room from 6 weeks on. Lauren has only slept one night of her life in a separate room than me...last night. WOW...I am amazed at my bad parenting! ha! The reason is this....When we were in Texas, we only had a two bedroom apartment. I didn't want the girls to be in the same room because Lauren actually NEEDED to nurse at night then and I didn't want to disturb Leah's sleep. So she slept in the room with me and Jeremy. Then we went to Michigan for a month and a half. So she was in a pack and play next to me. THEN I should have put her in her own room when we moved to Georgia. Well, she is in her own room...but so was I. I was sleeping in the full size bed in her room until last night. That worked out fabulously for Jeremy! He got the queen size bed to himself! But I missed sleeping with my husband. So I moved back in last night. Lauren cried all night for me. Poor little baby. I was so sad for her. But I need to stick it out and let her cry. I had to stay on the phone with my sister a couple times when I started letting Leah cry it out. She had to keep me from going upstairs and hugging Leah as tight as I could. But I am so glad that she is a good sleeper. At least one of the kids is! Poor little Lauren cried so much that she ended up taking the longest nap ever today! I had to go and wake her up. I guess in a strange way I have done the whole attachment parenting thing that I used to get so annoyed with people about! I have let Lauren sleep with me for most of her is definately a child-lead house. Wow...again I can't believe it. I never wake my kids up in the morning...they sleep until they wake up. I let Leah decide when her nap will be (for the most part). I think she must think I am a servant to her too. HA! I will make her something to eat....10 minutes later after I make it she wants something else. She has had this little attitude lately too. It is kind of funny. But she wants to do everything herself until I want her to do something. THEN she wants me to do it. (Me)"Leah go put your shirt in the dirty clothes." (Leah)"NO! MAMA do it!". (Me)"Leah let me put your pants on you."(Leah)"NO! ME do it myself!". It is so frustrating sometimes. But it can be amusing. But back onto the subject of letting Lauren cry it out. I should have done it months ago. Wish me luck as I try to stick to my guns. Hopefully by a year she will at least be sleeping through the night. I am not done with nursing and neither is she. But I am SO done with night feedings.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Potty Training

I feel like breathing a sigh of relief. Leah has finally gotten it! She has been accident free today. Yesterday she only had one accident when she was playing with Lucy. She gets a big high five when she goes in the potty and sometimes she gets a special treat (sticker or 2 M&M's). A few weeks and even months ago she started going #2 on the potty but only sometimes. Now she would probably cry if she messed up her Dora "underwear" (Pull ups). I think pretty soon she should be able to wear big girl underwear. It has been frustrating trying to get her potty trained. But, it was like a light went on over her head. I told her if she goes potty on the toilet she can go to school next year and she has been doing it since then. It has helped for her to see her friend Lucy goes on the potty too. She even let two teenage girls at church take her last night and she went-TWICE! I am so proud. Hopefully we can save about $50 a month on diapers now! The best thing about it is that she is so proud of herself. Hehe. I guess everyone learns to, but it is a small victory in our household!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year

Well, 2009 is finally here. Ha! The last year has flown by for us! So much has happened. On January 1st, 2008 we arrived at Goodfellow AFB where Jeremy had been going to school the last two months. We moved into base housing. Leah just got used to that and then Lauren made her arrival on February 19th. Pat, my sister Kim and my mom all came for visits. We enjoyed the Texas heat and hanging out at China Beach with friends. It was great. Then as my Grandma's health started to really deteriorate, my mom called and said I had better come home to say goodbye. So, both girls and I flew home to see her. (That was no picnic at all.) I am glad we went home, because she only lived a few days after we got there. I feel like I was able to say my goodbyes and I am so glad she got to meet Lauren and see Leah again before she passed. I think it made her really happy. She knew we were coming and had my aunt get her ready to see us. She had a sense of humor right up to the end. Lauren gave her a kiss on the cheek (which was really just a big lick like a dog). I said "Grandma! She licked you!" My Grandma cracked up. Well, we were able to have a long visit with everyone after that because we stayed in Michigan for a month and a half. Jeremy had gotten orders for Fort Gordon, GA. So the movers went to the Texas apartment and packed it all up. Jeremy was able to have a couple days at home in Michigan too before the move to Georgia. Then we made the trip down here. We are again in base housing. It is decent. I wouldn't want to stay here forever. But I can't complain too much. Leah turned two in October. I can't believe it. Then sadly, my Grandpa had to go into an assisted living home this fall. I think that is one of the hardest things about being far away from home. He calls me and is so sad and tells me he wishes I could come visit and he misses the girls. It breaks my heart. On a little happier note, I have gotten my relationship back on track with my Dad. He came to visit us in Texas. It had been five years since I had seen him last. I was a little nervous about everything. But, he has come here to visit and we have gone to his house in Florida twice to visit in the last few months. I really think that he loves me and my kids and really is trying to have a relationship with us. I have never had a chance to really get to know him in my whole life. I have really enjoyed getting to know him better. Being a military family has also given us an opportunity to meet lots of very nice people. We have made some pretty terrific friendships in Texas and here that I hope will last a lifetime! Well, that pretty much sums up 2008 for me.

In 2009 these are my goals (not necessarily in this order):
1. Stop worrying about what other people think
2. Be a better wife and mother
3. Become a better cook
4. Lose weight!
5. Go back to school
6. Evangelize more

I am hoping to see more of our families from Michigan this year as well. Lauren will be turning one and Leah will be turning three. Leah will start preschool in the Fall. I think this Fall we might buy the girls bunk beds and have them share a room when Lauren is ready to go into a big girl bed. I would separate the bunks of course! I think they would like that. I want to take a trip this year for our family. I want it to be somewhere fun. We'll see I guess. I am just hoping that next year at this time I can look back at 2009 and say "what a great year, so much good happened". Moving away from Michigan has been good for me. I think I have learned to be more independent. I also think I have gained more confidence in myself. I do miss my family and friends back home. Who knows, if Jeremy does get deployed...I may go home again for another month and a half! I keep hearing that he might deploy. It is all just talk.....but it is going to happen some time or another. But I think I could handle it. WOW! I am writing a novel! Anywho....those are my New Years thoughts.