Friday, January 16, 2009

Potty Training

I feel like breathing a sigh of relief. Leah has finally gotten it! She has been accident free today. Yesterday she only had one accident when she was playing with Lucy. She gets a big high five when she goes in the potty and sometimes she gets a special treat (sticker or 2 M&M's). A few weeks and even months ago she started going #2 on the potty but only sometimes. Now she would probably cry if she messed up her Dora "underwear" (Pull ups). I think pretty soon she should be able to wear big girl underwear. It has been frustrating trying to get her potty trained. But, it was like a light went on over her head. I told her if she goes potty on the toilet she can go to school next year and she has been doing it since then. It has helped for her to see her friend Lucy goes on the potty too. She even let two teenage girls at church take her last night and she went-TWICE! I am so proud. Hopefully we can save about $50 a month on diapers now! The best thing about it is that she is so proud of herself. Hehe. I guess everyone learns to, but it is a small victory in our household!

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