Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fort Gordon

YAY!! We got official orders. We are definately going to Fort Gordon, Georgia in July. I am so happy because now we can apply for base housing.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cookout with friends

Some of our friends got together with us for Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time. The weather turned out pretty nice....it was only about 96 out today! It has been in the 100s. I am really going to miss these guys when we move. We only have 38 more days left here. I can't believe how fast it has flown by! We aren't even going to be here when the Nelsons have their baby.

On another note....I saw my very first cockroach yesterday. It was outside on our front step. It was about 2&1/2 inches long. YIKES! That was disgusting!! I just pray they don't get into the apartment. They are aquatic roaches too. They give me the serious willies. I always thought they only went into dirty houses, but EVERYONE gets them. They are like centipedes up north. I guess they don't hurt anything, but I really hate them! Yuck!!

Here is Scarlet covered in chocolate cupcake! She loved it!

This is Wescott with Callie the dog. She kept getting up on the picnic table.

This is a very random picture of a crazy person's house.....yes those are all PLASTIC flowers!!!! It is terrible! The worst part is, that it is in a pretty nice subdivision. I'll bet that brings the property value down on that street!!!

This is a sweet picture of Sarah and Scarlet. We sure are going to miss them when we move!
Jeremy and Brian playing catch. FINALLY, someone that will play catch with him!
Scarlet was sliming Leah with her cupcake. Leah thought it was hysterical!
Jeremy and Lauren....they are a handsome pair, aren't they?
Daddy and his girls

Dustin, Sarah and Scarlet Schroeder
The guys!
Rebecca and Brian Nelson. She is due in another 2 months.
Lauren had a good time at the cookout too!
and finally....Leah covered in cupcake. Sarah shared with her. Sarah is ALWAYS sneaking my kid sweets!! The other day she took her for a walk and brought her home covered in ice cream sandwich. No wonder Leah likes her more than she likes me!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goodfellow Appreciation Day

The kids are finally getting better. We may be going to Michigan for an extended visit due to my Grandma's failing health. I am getting nervous about the move. We still don't have Jeremy's orders in hand. But, I am sure that like everything else it will all work out.

Lauren is getting so big! She is grabbing at her toys and smiling and she started laughing today!! She is so sweet. Isn't she starting to look more like Leah?
Our little family at the military appreciation day at the Goodfellow Recreation camp. There were all kinds of games, boat rides, pony rides, a bounce house and a nice cookout. We went with the Blanchards and Ashley's mom. It was a good time except for the weather.
The Blanchard family with Grandma Dani.
Leah had to ride the tractor because she didn't get a chance to ride anything else. The line for the pony rides was way too long. She did go in the bounce house but Jeremy said she didn't like it too much. There were too many big kids in it.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Leah is sick again! She is running a fever and has a snotty nose. YUCK! I just hope she is feeling good when we are up north visiting.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I have been up late every night this week. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me....the baby is asleep and I am staring at this screen.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I guess I don't know how this whole thing works.

Ya, so I don't know how to use spellcheck. I also did the last post backwards....maybe blogging isn't for me. :-)

I decided to start blogging......

The VanVeelen family at the base picnic

Our friends the Blanchards

Leah and Elliette in the bounce house

Fun at our house

Mr. Bailey
Miss Scarlet

Little Miss Elliette

So, my friend Ashley inspired me to join the world of bloggers. I guess I am supposed to just tell everyone what's been up in our lives!

Well, to start everyone by now should know that Jeremy enlisted in the Army and we are living in Texas for the moment. He just got his orders that we are going to Fort Gordon, Georgia!! We are very excited to be within driving distance from all our loved ones. If anyone wants to come for a visit, they are MORE than welcome to! Please visit!!!! :-)

On to the girls........

Leah is getting sassier than ever. She learned how to say no. I think it is her favorite word. We ask her if she wants lunch..."no".....we ask her if she wants to play at the park...."no".........we ask her if she is poopy and we always get a big "NO" on that one. She is adjusting to her new sister. She loves her so much and thinks she is so cute. But she tries to kick and hit her as soon as I turn my back. I think the evil streak comes from my side!! She said two sentences the other day. "Let's go!" and "What is that?" We moved Leah into a toddler bed a few weeks back because my acrobatic child was jumping out of the crib. She is so tiny I didn't know how she was doind it. We walked in on her doing it and she was doing a pullup and lunging over the rail.

Lauren is getting so big. She is looking more and more like Leah every day. She doesn't look like Jeremy really but a lot like Leah. I think her eyes might be turning green, but we'll see! She is starting to really be interested in everything Leah is doing. She thinks Leah is AWESOME! This is her new little bumbo chair. Isn't it cute?