Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goodfellow Appreciation Day

The kids are finally getting better. We may be going to Michigan for an extended visit due to my Grandma's failing health. I am getting nervous about the move. We still don't have Jeremy's orders in hand. But, I am sure that like everything else it will all work out.

Lauren is getting so big! She is grabbing at her toys and smiling and she started laughing today!! She is so sweet. Isn't she starting to look more like Leah?
Our little family at the military appreciation day at the Goodfellow Recreation camp. There were all kinds of games, boat rides, pony rides, a bounce house and a nice cookout. We went with the Blanchards and Ashley's mom. It was a good time except for the weather.
The Blanchard family with Grandma Dani.
Leah had to ride the tractor because she didn't get a chance to ride anything else. The line for the pony rides was way too long. She did go in the bounce house but Jeremy said she didn't like it too much. There were too many big kids in it.

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