Sunday, May 11, 2008

I decided to start blogging......

The VanVeelen family at the base picnic

Our friends the Blanchards

Leah and Elliette in the bounce house

Fun at our house

Mr. Bailey
Miss Scarlet

Little Miss Elliette

So, my friend Ashley inspired me to join the world of bloggers. I guess I am supposed to just tell everyone what's been up in our lives!

Well, to start everyone by now should know that Jeremy enlisted in the Army and we are living in Texas for the moment. He just got his orders that we are going to Fort Gordon, Georgia!! We are very excited to be within driving distance from all our loved ones. If anyone wants to come for a visit, they are MORE than welcome to! Please visit!!!! :-)

On to the girls........

Leah is getting sassier than ever. She learned how to say no. I think it is her favorite word. We ask her if she wants lunch..."no".....we ask her if she wants to play at the park...."no".........we ask her if she is poopy and we always get a big "NO" on that one. She is adjusting to her new sister. She loves her so much and thinks she is so cute. But she tries to kick and hit her as soon as I turn my back. I think the evil streak comes from my side!! She said two sentences the other day. "Let's go!" and "What is that?" We moved Leah into a toddler bed a few weeks back because my acrobatic child was jumping out of the crib. She is so tiny I didn't know how she was doind it. We walked in on her doing it and she was doing a pullup and lunging over the rail.

Lauren is getting so big. She is looking more and more like Leah every day. She doesn't look like Jeremy really but a lot like Leah. I think her eyes might be turning green, but we'll see! She is starting to really be interested in everything Leah is doing. She thinks Leah is AWESOME! This is her new little bumbo chair. Isn't it cute?

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