Saturday, October 25, 2008


So today I learned that my Grandpa has to go into assisted living. I am so sad for him. I feel bad for my Aunt Berneda too. She is going to be so lonely without him next door to her. ~sigh~ For all the crap my Grandpa has had to go through the last few months...dealing with Grandma's illness, my Grandma dying, his brother Larry has got to be so hard for him. He is totally losing his independence. I know he has to go, but it just sucks. Now, what are they going to do about the house? That house is the only stable home I have ever known. I know it is just a house.....but it means so much more to us kids that told secrets there....that broke Grandma's lamp....that played for endless hours in the garage while freezing then sweating to death because of the old propane heater....that worked on wood projects in the basement with Grandpa....that made crafts with Grandma....that felt like it was the only home in the world to them. I wish I was home to visit with him. He was just telling me he wants me to come home the other day. ~tear~ He is more than a grandpa to me. He raised me along with Grandma and my mom. It is so hard to imagine such a strong man growing old and sick and totally dependent on others. It is a fact of life...people get old and someday they die. But it doesn't make it any easier for the people that love them. I know that one day he will be at peace in our Savior's arms. I just hope that he can keep his chin up until then. He is a social guy, so the other residents' company will probably do him some good. He loves to talk! I will pray that he doesn't get too depressed though. I will try not too as well!! :-) So much stuff has been going on lately. So many changes. Such happy times and such terribly sad times. I just can't believe that my Grandpa who has always been my so sick that other people have to take care of HIM.

Lord, keep my Grandpa strong as he faces this difficult changes in his life. Amen.

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