Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Acts of ZHU!!!

I was so excited to find out a couple weeks ago that I was going to be participating in a program called Random Acts of Zhu. Cepia, an amazingly generous company, sent 104 Zhu Zhu pets to 100 bloggers to spread a little Christmas joy.

It took me a few days to figure out which charity I wanted to benefit from this. At first I REALLY wanted the Christmas House on Fort Gordon to get them to help military families provide toys for their littles. Unfortunately I was about 2 days too late to donate! Bummer! So I had to think about it. I talked to my pastor and found out there were a few families that he knew of in the community that really needed a little help this year. I gladly gave him quite a few to help. Then I had a bunch more to find new homes for. I decided to take them to the Children's Medical Center at MCG hospital here in Augusta, Georgia. But I didn't really want to do Toys 4 Tots, even though it is a fantastic organization. I really wanted the kids on the floors to get the toys. Today we loaded up the back of the minivan with the remaining Zhu Zhu's and took them in. The nurses and staff were quite amazed at such a generous gift from the company! Having three very healthy children at home, it breaks my heart knowing that those babies in the hospital don't get to be at home for Christmas. As I was walking out of the children's ICU I noticed a mother crying. I cannot imagine having to deal with illness in my children. For those parents to see a smile on their kids faces from something as simple as a little toy hamster, it truly is a gift and a blessing to me. I am so grateful to have been a part of this Random Act of Zhu. Thank you Cepia for the absolutely AWESOME opportunity to put a smile on someones face. (Well LOTS of someones! 104 someones!) :)

If you haven't checked out the Zhu Zhu Pets, I advise you do. My kids can't get enough of them! You can learn a little about them here

To learn a little more about how you can help out MCG's Children's Medical Center check out this link here.

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