Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Ants go marching one by one..hoorah. hoorah.

So we moved into the new house on Saturday. We have had a few issues. One of the boggest is ANTS! We have an infestation of the things. I absolutely love the place. But the ants are definately making life miserable. Leah is terrified of them. I told her to wear her shoes around and make sure she isnt' getting any crumbs on the floor when she is eating. Well, let me start by telling you all about the mice.

When we were in Michigan we stayed at my Grandpa's vacant house. He has a very old house and being left empty, the mice started coming inside. Well, my mom and I were talking about it one morning. Leah happened to overhear. It was NOT pretty! She sobbed and sobbed and said she wanted the mice to go to their home! LOL! She was so scared. We couldn't even say the word around her for the longest time. Of course my kid is a little OCD. Now her thing is the ants. She doesn't even want to walk around the house at all because she is afraid of the ants. She wants to stay on the living room couch. I guess she thinks ants can't get her there. Little does she know....they CAN! lol! I am just praying that the exterminator comes today and doesn't wait until Friday. They usually only come on Tuesdays and Fridays and I have an appointment for Friday. But, I called them today to ask if her could come today because it is really bad. Plus, I am stuck in the house all day today anyway because we have about 50 maintenence issues to get fixed. This is my list of fix-its for them.
1. garage door wall mount doesn't work
2. flooring coming up in a corner of the kitchen because of previous water damage
3. water leaking in garage from crack in the wall
4. short in the light at the top of the stairs-takes about 5 times to turn it on
5. weird looking worms keep appearing
6. broken mini blind in living room

I think that is it for my issues. One of the things about base housing is that you have to let them know of every little tiny issue when you first move in because otherwise they will try to charge you when you move out. We have one week exactly until we hand in the keys to the old place. I am a little nervous about that. When we moved out of our place in Texas it was spotless. BUT, they still managed to charge us $50 to clean out our already sparkling oven. I hope the move in check list is good enough to get us out of paying anything. A friend of mine was going to be charged the $250 "clean team" charge for her move out. Luckily she had taken pictures when they moved in and had those to prove how it looked when they moved in. When we moved into the old place I swear they did NOT clean it at all. I know they didn't paint. The stove was filthy. It was bad. There was a stream of water in the downstairs hall with a dead cockroach laying belly up when we walked in for our initial walk through. It was really really bad. So I wrote every detail down. I still have a copy too. I am so happy to be in this place now. :) I am really going to miss our awesome neighbors. But they are right down the road.

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