Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun times here in the VanVeelen house!

You know how sometimes you have those days where nothing can get you down? Today was one of those days! Leah has been in Vacation Bible School at our church all week this week. She has had so much fun with all her little friends. I took Lauren today to the nursery so she could play with one of her little friends too. She thought she was cool because she got to stay at "school" too. :) The kids were all in good moods. We were driving home and Leah said "I don't want lunch. I just want to take my nap." That is the kind of day I have had!! She slept for 4 hours!! Lauren woke up before the other two so I decided to show her something special. I got my dollhouse down. My Grandma Nelson and I made that dollhouse. It is filled with furniture and accessories and a doll that she and my Grandpa made for it. It is so special to me. I felt so happy to be able to share that with Lauren. She was very careful and said thank you for showing it to her. Well, then her brother woke up so we put it away. I let her take the doll downstairs though. When Leah woke up she asked about the doll. It started a fight. BUT it stopped when I told Leah that after dinner we would go check it out together just me and her. Jeremy went to get a pizza for dinner. What a lifesaver! I did NOT feel like cooking. I cleaned and organized my walk in closet this afternoon during naps and I was beat. Jeremy and I have also made a decision that we will indeed go to Disney World this September. I am very very VERY excited. We told the girls tonight. We have been keeping it secret until we knew for sure but we are definitely going now. It will be Leah's 4th birthday present. It will also be the first of (hopefully) many fun family vacations. We are sacrificing going to Michigan to visit family until Jeremy gets back from his deployment. But I am glad we are going to do something fun before he goes so we have special memories of Daddy to talk about while he is gone. Leah knows about the deployment. Lauren wouldn't get it even if I explained it to her. All Leah really knows is that Dad is leaving for a while but he will come back just like her friends daddies have. Well......back to my good day.....the kids ALL went to bed very well tonight and Jeremy and I are sitting on the couch relaxing. What a GREAT day!

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