Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michigan Michigan Michigan

UGH..............It has been too long away from home the last few weeks. I miss my Texas friends and my husband!!

Leah has been a trooper. It has been really tough being gypsies, but she has done surprisingly well. She is saying more and more words and pretending. It is too cute. I think being around her "big" cousin Luke is helping her vocabulary. She is growing very attached to her Grandma Pat. She wanted her to get her up this morning and didn't even want me to look her way. It made me sad, but happy that she will be comfortable with her when I am in Texas. I don't know what I will do without my little sweetie for 10 whole long days. I will be a nervous wreck. But, at least I know she is in good hands. Aunt Kim and Luke are keeping her half the time. They are so funny together. They fight about as much as they play. You know the song that goes "anything you can do I can do better"....describes how they are towards one another. Kim calls them Pete and repeat.

Jeremy isn't going to recognize Lauren. She is growing so much. She is definately a thinker. It takes an awful lot to get her to laugh. She smiles more easily now. She is so chubby! Leah has been a little jealous of her lately, but it could just be that we are away from home. Lauren is rolling over both ways now. I am really excited for her to get to spend some quality time with me and Jeremy alone though. Compared to Leah (who was SPOILED) she is a poor neglected baby!

I am tired. Exhausted. Bored. Lonely for Jeremy. But, I am anxious, excited, nervous about Georgia. I am so happy my friend Ashley is going to be there too. It has been so nice to meet someone else in the same situation. It might sound cheesy, but I feel as close as sisters! Funny how different military friendships are from civilian ones. She is my "battle buddy"!

As soon as I can I will get some pictures up from the trip up here. It has been a tough trip. Losing my Grandma Nelson has been extremely hard for me. She was more than a Grandma, she was like my mother. I hope my girls can form the same kind of relationships with thier grandmas. The thing that gives me comfort is that I KNOW where she is now. Her disease isn't controlling her life anymore. She is probably doing a jig with Marge up in the garden. I have such good memories of our times together. I know that I will see her again. But, it will take time for my heart to heal. I am sad selfishly because I am going to miss her so much.

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