Saturday, June 7, 2008


So, we are in Michigan. Remind me never to fly with Leah again. She screamed the entire flight. We visited my Grandma. I am so sad. She is not going to be here much longer. We are gypsies. We are staying at Jeremy's mom's right now. It is nice because I feel at home. But, I am missing Jeremy so much already and it has been two days. How will I deal with deployment? *sigh* My poor kids are all off schedule. Leah has gone to bed two hours late every night and waking up early. I hope she sleeps in tomorrow. I am here now for a month. I was excited to come visit but sad at the circumstances. But now that I have seen everyone, I am ready to go home. The last year Jeremy and I have been apart for about 5&1/2 months. That sucks. I am just feeling generally down. My Grandma that practically raised me is dying and I am miles and miles from my husband and my poor kids are "homeless" for a month. Leah is staying up here until July 20th so she is homeless for a month and a half.
Oh well. I guess that being here is giving the girls a chance to spend time with their grandparents. I wish they could have the same special relationship with their grandmas as I have with mine.

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BlanchardAdventures said...

Emily! We miss y'all so much, but we're glad that you have this time with your family. Come home soon!