Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zoo Pals

We had such a great time at the zoo with our friends the Keans! I think the zoo might be Leah's FAVORITE place in the whole world!!!!! She was so happy and excited all day. We can't wait to go again!

taking a quick break

decent pic of me...had to include it

Leah wanted to be IN the penguin display

Leah LOVES her buddy Skyler!

Lauren after the zoo

Leah is getting adventurous


She LOVED the fish!

she was very interested in the alligator

she looked so small

playing at the zoo playground

big and strong!

Skyler's turn


We rode the little train (the "tsoo tsoo" as Leah says)

look of terror as Skyler says "it's ok"

feeding the birds some nectar with Daddy

riding the carousal

She was afraid to ride on the animals

What great fun!! I have never seen her so smiley in her whole life!

She thought the elephants were pretty awesome!

"riding" the elephant with Skyler

Mommy and Leah

feeding the goats at the petting farm

Lauren hanging out in her stroller

Daddy and Leah

Mommy and Lauren in the snake house

double trouble!

so pretty!

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