Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friends!

I was so excited a few weeks ago when I got a call from my good friend, Lainie to tell me she was driving down and bringing my friend Sarah too. They came this last Thursday night. It was a busy weekend but we had so much fun! On Friday we just hung out and caught up. Then Friday evening we went to Good Friday service at church where I had to sing. After church Jeremy dropped us off at the hospital for my ultrasound. That was exciting! I was measuring at 11 weeks and 1 day so I would be due October 30th. I was able to see the little baby's arms and legs moving around in there. That always makes me feel better! On Saturday we went to the Easter egg hunt at church. The kids had so much fun. Leah got to color eggs and make a really cute little craft. Then they had the egg hunt. My girls got about 6 or 7 eggs each. Leah's were mostly empty because she was picking up the open ones! haha Then after the big hunt we all piled into the van and drove into Savannah. We found a $3 all day parking garage and walked all over the city. We went to the historic district and the shopping strip by the Savannah River. After we had enough walking we found a BBQ place that had been recommended to us. Lainie, Jeremy and all tried collard greens for the first time. I liked them! They had the same texture as cooked cabbage and had a bacon flavor. Lainie didn't like them! I think Sarah was a little grossed out that we were even trying them. After dinner, we drove back. It seemed like it took a lot longer to get home! We were all super tired. We stayed up late and talked though. Then we had to wake up at 6:30 and start getting ready for church. The girls wore the matching dresses that my mom brought down with her in March. They looked adorable! They "found" their Easter baskets and both had a couple treats. Then we headed to church. There was a nice breakfast before church and we sat with a girl from the Moms playgroup and it was her first time going to our church. Her girls were so cute in their Easter dresses! Jeremy and I had nursery duty but my kids got to sit with Lainie and Sarah and actually stayed in church the entire service! I am always so proud when they last the whole service but especially for someone else! We had a full house in the nursery. I had to go sing with choir and I thought Jeremy was going to have to watch all the kids solo but Sarah G walked in and said she would help him out. Thanks Sarah G! After church we came back here and I started making dinner. We had ham, green bean casserole, cornbread casserole, mashed potatoes with ham gravy, and rolls. For dessert we had a cherry jello cheesecake, lemon bars, and cupcakes. I was happy that all the food was hot at the same time and it seemed like everyone liked it! I miss my Easters at home though. I have a whole new respect for my Aunt Becki. There is a lot of work in holiday dinners. I cut corners though because we were so busy this weekend. I was going to make petticoat tail cookies and broccoli casserole. But I just ran out of time. Last Easter we had a neighbor and his wife over for dinner and I made enough food for a crowd! This year we ended up having ten adults and 5 kids and I made less food and STILL had leftovers! I always like using up my ham bone in bean soup. Yummy! I bought all the ingredients for petticoat tails so instead of Easter cookies we might have to have Spring shape cookies. I have a tulip and a butterfly cookie cutters. Leah loves to help me make cookies. I usually LOVE to eat ham. It must be the pregnancy though because I wasn't able to eat very much. It tasted good, but I just couldn't eat much. We stayed up late again last night. It was so nice to have a little Michigan here! We just talked and laughed the whole time they were here. This morning they left at about 10. They were going to stay until early tomorrow morning. But Sarah is driving to Minnesota with her Mom on Wednesday. I am sure she didn't want to spend two entire days in a row in the car being pregnant and she missed her hubby. So I was sad to see them off this morning but so glad they came down. I hope the next time they come visit we can relax a little and be able to show them around here a little. I hope Lainie will bring her boys down next time. Leah would love to see Elijah again! Now today I am relaxing. I haven't done a thing. (even though there is a million things I need to do!) I am still in my pj's at 3 in the afternoon. It is nice!

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