Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So most of you know by now..............

I have news. I have BIG news. On Saturday I was getting all of my baby stuff ready to go back to Michigan with my Mom for my sister. I initialed all the little tags and got a little teary eyed thinking about my babies in those sweet little clothes. I packed it all in a tote (the 0-3 month stuff). I added a couple Halloween costumes and a snowsuit. I even put the little strawberry sweater and hat set in there. I was feeling really sad but super excited that my sister is having a girl. She has a little boy that is three already and having a girl was a nice surprise. Well, that night I had the strangest dreams. I dreamed that I took a bunch of pregnancy tests and they were all positive. In my dream my Mom came to visit and we told her then that we were expecting. Then I woke up. I thought, what a wild dream....can you imagine? One would have to be crazy to have three kids three and under! We stayed home from church on Sunday because Leah was still feeling a little sick. But later on we went grocery shopping. I was walking around Kroger trying to remember when my last period was. I couldn't remember. That isn't all that unusual because I have been nursing Lauren for the past year and haven't been all that regular. Well, I asked Jeremy if I should buy a test. He said no because it is a waste of money and I would probably start tomorrow anyway. I went over to the pharmacy because I just couldn't get that dream out of my head. The tech that was working said the cheapest test they had in stock was $17.99 and I should go over to Dollar Tree because they have them for ONE DOLLAR! Let me tell you, I will never buy a test anywhere else now!! So, after shopping I asked Jeremy to run over to Dollar Tree. He wasn't too happy about it because Dean's Bridge traffic is horrible. But he went anyway because he knew I would obsess if I didn't know. I bought two tests, $2! We went home and got the girls settled. Then Leah followed me upstairs to the bathroom where she very intently watched me do the test. It was a pee in the cup and dropper kind-very complicated but worth it! As I watched the results, I couldn't believe my eyes! I told Leah to run downstairs and tell Daddy to bring up another test. She then went to the top of the stairs and yelled at the TOP of her lungs "Daddy! Bring 'nother test!!". So Jeremy traunced up the stairs with the other test. I showed him the first one. We couldn't believe it. So we waited a minute for the second one. Leah had a very concerned look on her face the whole time like she knew we were doing something important. Well, the results showed up.......and.....drumroll......WE ARE PREGNANT!! I went into the clinic on post Monday morning first thing and got a blood test. She called me back pretty quickly. She confirmed that yes we were pregnant and set me up for an appointment on Thursday. The bad thing is, I really don't know when my last period was. I think it started January 6th which would make me 7 weeks along.

This pregnancy was completely unplanned but not unwanted. I had committed to teaching the preschool at our church this Fall. I am now going to continue to stay home with all three kids. I feel really bad that I can't teach. But, this is more important! :)

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:) So happy for y'all!!!