Saturday, November 15, 2008


So we are sick. Well, when I say we I mean everyone but me. We went from having diarrhea to a bad cough/cold and we have moved on to the nasty stomach bug that has been going around. Leah is finally feeling back to her normal self. Now Lauren has it! Leah was throwing up non stop and couldn't even keep sips of water down and got really dehydrated to the point of having no tears. So Jeremy took her to ER where they ran IV fluids into her. Poor baby! I think I cried every time she threw up. I have to say it is worse having Lauren sick though. She gives no warning just throws up. She just wants to be held. I have been up all night for the last 8 nights. I feel like a zombie. I took Lauren to the ER tonight per her doctors orders. I sat there for 5 hours. Then the doc said to just keep nursing her and giving her fluids even though she can't hold anything down. He was in and out of the room in less than a minute. He told me this after I told him she hadn't had any wet diapers since 7 am and it was 7:30pm! Good old military health care! I tell you what. So I am going to call her doctor tomorrow again and tell them what they said at ER and hope she is okay through the night. I am pissed about that. Just run an iv. It wouldn't have hurt anyone. They just wanted me to get out of there because they had a bunch of other people in the waiting room. Well, I was in the waiting room for 4 hours waiting for care too! My poor little baby is so sick. She hasn't even really been crying all that much and I know she is miserable. Jeremy has been sick since Tuesday night. That poor guy! I am just praying that I won't get it! After a month of being sick and having sick babies, I am SICK OF IT! Leah never got sick before we moved here! I think she was sick 3 times before here. Now we have been here since July and she has been sick 3 times! Oh, well....what am I doing blogging? I am losing precious sleep time.

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