Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas thoughts

Well, Christmas is upon us. By this time next week, we will be in sunny Florida. Well, Georgia hasn't been too bad either! It was 73 degrees today! I am nervous/excited/happy/nervous about going to spend Christmas with my Dad. For you that have known me has been a rocky relationship. I haven't spent a Christmas (or really any holiday) with him since I was five.

Santa is coming to our house this Saturday. YAY! Leah is so excited to see if he will bring her a Dora bike. She is going to be amazed at all the presents! I don't know who is more excited, me or her!

We went to a pretty cool place this weekend. It was called the Lights of the South. It was a huge light display that we rode a hayride through. Leah loved it! Lauren was just mad that we had a hat on her so she screamed the whole time. I really missed going to the Walk Through Bethlehem this year. But, it was nice to do something Christmas-y. We went with the Moms Meetup group and the families all came. Our small group was just a few families though because we couldn't find the rest of them! The guy that drove our hayride said they expected 4,000 people that night. It was pretty neat! We got to sit on Santa's lap. Well, the idea was for the girls to sit on his lap....but they chickened out so we all were in the picture together. Leah froze when he asked what she wanted. So, as we were leaving she was screaming back "DORA BIKE!!!" and crying. I told her that I think he heard her and Jeremy told her he had already whispered it into Santa's ear. Leah got to rode the train with her new friend, Owen. He is a sweet little guy. They had a lot of fun in line waiting to see Santa.

At playgroup today we had a cookie exchange. It made me a little sad because last year Kim (my sister) and I made ALL the different kinds of cookies together. But, we had a lot of fun. The kids played for a while. Then we did our swap. After eating one or two, the kids did a craft. They made pipe cleaner and bead candy canes. Leah HAD to make one for her Papa. She said she is going to put it on his tree when we get there. She also made one for her Daddy. She is such a character! She went to sleep at around 12:30 this afternoon and is still sleeping at 3:09 pm! WAAWHOO! I love playgroup!

I hope to get some pictures up here soon. I keep forgetting my camera when we go anywhere lately. I need to get a picture of Lauren walking with my help and a picture of Leah stooping over the presents with her little hands on her hips trying to figure out who's is who's. My kids are such a trip! Well, that is it for today, I guess.

I figured out my New Year's Resolution. I am joining Weight Watchers. Wish me luck!

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Sarrah said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe how willing Santa was to help you guys get a good picture. That was pretty nice! Owen is still asking to go back and ride the train with Leah...he has so much fun.