Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, my prayers have been answered. God always has a plan for us. A couple weeks ago I started helping at our Church's preschool. I am volunteering. But, last time I went, I was asked to be the teacher next year. Leah can go with me. It is only three days a week and only half days. Then that brought me to a little dilemma. I didn't know if I could find daycare for Lauren and did I even really want her to go to daycare? Another problem solved! My neighbor is going to watch her in exchange for us paying for her daughter's preschool and she will just ride with us. It really works out in our favor because all the day cares I called only do full time for infants. (under 2) Full time rates are horrendous!! The cheapest was the base daycare because it goes by rank and income and it was $336 a month! That would leave me with about $100 ahead. I couldn't do that to Lauren to only make $100 a month. (I have heard the base daycare is terrible) But Jenna is such a nice girl and I am thrilled that she will have Lauren while I work. Plus, she is only 3 doors down so they can run to my house for whatever (extra diapers/different toys/whatever). I am going to do once a week starting in January as a paid employee and then next fall start doing three mornings a week. If the teacher that is there now goes out on maternity leave then I will have to step not really sure what to do about BOTH girls if that happens. I am sure it will all work out though. I am really looking forward to doing it next year! I love that age. They can be trying at times....but they crack me up! We are working on the Christmas program for the parents and families and they are so cute! One of the church members is lending them her children's hand bells. So cute!

But, after the last couple months of praying about what I should or not work....God answered my prayers.

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hyperactive lu said...

I'm so happy that it is all working out. Too bad y'all don't have a program for 1 yr olds. That is what I need. A place for both boys! I think I'll send Gray one morning a week and Chan at least 3 days a week next year. Anyway... I'm excited for you!