Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tis the season to be jolly. Right? I am feeling jolly too! Like a big bowl full of jelly myself! After the New Year....I am going on a diet! Well, a lifestyle diet. I need to make my family eat healthy and that means I must suffer with them. HA!

Today I found out that Lauren has a cow's milk protein allergy. Which means....NO cheese/milk/yogurt/butter/or ANYTHING made with milk or whey (and there are plenty of other names for it on the ingredient lists). It is going to be a challenge. But, like Jeremy pointed out...there is cheese on pizza-so one less unhealthy food choice for us to eat at our house! Wow, I was reading labels and EVERYTHING is made with milk or in a factory that processes milk. That sucks! I was so happy earlier when I read that a favorite cereal at our house isn't made with milk...only to read further and see it is made in a factory that handles milk products. I guess we will be eating more from scratch dinners. We will be having more Martha Nelson meals...chicken, veggie and potato. :-) I just pray that she doesn't have other allergies we haven't discovered yet. We will have to go every couple months to an allergist. I was kind of taken aback when the good doctor told me...so I didn't ask a lot of questions. He kind of left me to google. I did find out though that a lot of kids outgrow the milk allergy by about 3 years old. So that was good news! I guess we will just always have the benadryl on hand and I will ask for a prescription for an epipen.

My girls are nestled in their nice warm beds. I started thinking about our troops today that are deployed. I feel so bad for their poor families. I was feeling depressed about not going home to Michigan for Christmas. I am so glad Jeremy is home this year. I may not be so lucky next year. Please...if you know a military family whose spouse/dad is deployed...thank them and ask if you can help them in any way. I was thinking about when Jeremy was gone at Basic and I was pregnant and had Leah. It was impossible to go grocery shopping and I had my family there as a support. My neighbor's husband is in another state doing some training and then he is off for 12 months on deployment. She has two daughters and just found out she is pregnant. She is from Puerto Rico. Talk about sucky! I offered to watch her girls for her sometime so she can rest. I just keep thinking...that could be me next year. Next year I could be spending Christmas here in Georgia with no family except my girls. There are programs out there to help families of deployed soldiers. One of them is called Heroes at Home. The website is http://www.myheroesathome.com/ If you want to help someone that will REALLY appreciate it...there you go. Another good one is the USO http://www.uso.org/. So there you have it....go support our heroes...the ones serving and the ones serving silently beside them.

Okay I am done...I have to go climb into bed next to my soldier. Until next time!

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