Monday, September 20, 2010

A Barbie Fashion Fairytale!

We were given the opportunity to review the new Barbie Fashion Fairytale movie from Momselect. Boy was Leah ever excited when she got this!!!!! My girls have watched this movie 4 times in 2 days and both of them are currently glued to the TV watching it yet again!!! Leah doesn't know it but she is getting the Barbie and Ken doll from this movie for her birthday. Leah's favorite thing about the movie is the clothes and shoes. They are so pretty! :) I think it is a tad grown up for her but she loves it. You can check out the website for the movie and watch the trailer here. Have fun playing on the website! There are a couple really cool things on there. Thanks again Momselect for allowing us to review this great movie!! Leah LOOOOOVES it!!!

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