Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zhu-niverse Tour 2010 part 1

This weekend is the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain near Atlanta. I have been invited to go with the kids and friends to the Zhu-niverse Tour that is going to be there. Let me just say I LOOOOOVE Momselect. They sent us a DVD to learn the Zhu Zhu Flo dance. I am not too sure if the kids are old enough to retain the dance moves for longer than 5 minutes. I am also about 99% sure they will be too scared to preform in front of people. But they are having a blast learning it anyway! They also sent us a Pizza Hut gift card and a Kung Fu Zhu Zhu named Drayko. Leah is now OBSESSED with Zhu Zhu's. The child will be 4 in a couple weeks and all she does all day long every single day is list off what she wants for her birthday. We are down to Zhu Zhu's, Barbie's (specific ones she can tell you if you are interested.), a Cinderella horse and all the Cinderella characters and a castle, etc., etc., etc. She could go on for hours about what she wants for her birthday. But anyway, she loves the Zhu Zhu's now. (Thanks Momselect haha) But they are REALLY cool! You turn him on and he makes all kind of cute noises and has a little sensor so if he hits a wall he just turns around and goes in a circle and zips off in the opposite direction. He goes under the couch and disappears for a few minutes and then zips out the other end. So cool. Micah likes to chase him so that could end badly. I did have to scold Leah for putting it ON Lauren's hair after I had already explained what can happen if you get your hair caught in it. (I personally think she was TRYING to rip Lauren's hair out.....but who knows maybe she forgot. lol!) So the festival details can be found here and the Zhu-niverse information can be found here.  Please check them out and come join the fun this weekend! It is supposed to be one of the largest arts and craft shows in the nation!! So cool!

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